Referral Program

Refer a business to Flexiti Financial and you could earn $100!

Merchant Referral Program

How it works

Merchant Referral Rules

The Flexiti Financial referral program is open to all individuals and businesses, except employees and family members of employees of Flexiti Financial, or any person or organization who is compensated for generating leads or acquiring merchant partners on behalf of Flexiti Financial.

You must have a business, family or personal relationship with the merchant you are referring.

You can refer as many merchants as you’d like.

Eligible referrals must be made through Flexiti Financial’s ‘Refer a Merchant’ tab on Flexiti Financial’s website ( Sorry, but referrals made outside of the website, or referrals made prior to this program, are not eligible.

A referral will be considered invalid and you will not receive an incentive if:

  1. The referred merchant is not a new merchant to Flexiti Financial. New merchants are merchants who do not have a current relationship with Flexiti Financial or have not had a relationship with Flexiti Financial in the past twelve (12) months
  2. The referred merchant operates outside of the Canadian provinces in which Flexiti Financial operates
  3. The referred merchant does not sign a merchant agreement within 180 days from the referral date
  4. The referred merchant does not meet Flexiti Financial’s merchant partner eligibility requirements
  5. You and the referred merchant are the same party, or you are not arm’s length from one another
  6. The referral was made in bad faith, is deceptive, fraudulent or does not comply with these rules, as determined by Flexiti Financial in its sole discretion

If a merchant is referred multiple times by different parties, then only the first referee is eligible for the incentive.

Flexiti Financial will contact the referred merchant within five (5) business days of the referral. We’ll connect with them over telephone and/or by email.

Referees will receive their incentives as soon as the referred merchant is activated as a Flexiti Financial merchant partner.

The records of Flexiti Financial kept by Flexiti Financial staff are deemed to be accurate and final records for the program.

Flexiti Financial’s decisions in connection with the program shall be considered final.

Flexiti Financial reserves the right to cancel this referral program, or amend the program’s terms and conditions at any time, without notice.

This program is optional. Your participation is at your own risk and responsibility. By participating you confirm that you have read and understand these terms and conditions, and you consent and represent your compliance with same.